Perfect Your Scarf Game Before Fall


            Fearless Fashion tape is a very sticky double sided fashion tape. Because it’s so powerful, yet comes off so easily, it can do jobs other fashion tapes simply cannot do. One job many tapes just can’t do is hold your scarves in place while they move around and get tugged on throughout the day. With Fall just around the corner, you’ll want to perfect your scarf game now. Enter Fearless Fashion tape. You know those scarves that are extra cute when slung to the side or billowed in just the right way? Now you can keep them in the perfect place all day with no worries. Just follow the quick steps below.


1. Decide how you want your scarf to lay.

2. Peel the backing from your Fearless Fashion Tape.

3. Place the tape sticky side down on the part of your scarf you’d like to sit against your skin or clothing.

4. Peel the front lining off of the tape.

5. Stick the tape to your body or clothing.

6. Look fabulous all day!


No more worrying about your scarves not staying put or looking flat and tired by the end of the day. In need of more fashion tape to try this out? Click the shop button above to get yours on Amazon!