What is Fearless Tape?

Fearless Tape is double-sided sticky tape that can be used for body and clothing, as well as household hacks.

What size is the tape?

Fearless Tape comes in 3/4" dots, or 1/2" x 3" strips.

Where can I buy Fearless Tape?

Fearless Tape can be purchased from our site or on Amazon.

What can Fearless Tape be used for?

This tape can be used for all kinds of things! Our customers mainly use it for taking their everyday fashion to the next level. It can help hold up strapless dresses, hide undergarments and straps, hold up socks, create faux hems, hold neck ties in place, or temporarily replace a missing button. It prevents wardrobe mishaps so you can be fearless and comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Will it irritate my skin?

No way! Fearless Tape is totally skin safe. However, if you have a pre-existing skin condition, it might cause some irritation. We always recommend doing a small skin patch test prior to use so you’ll know how your skin will react.

Does it stick to all types of fabric?

Yes! Fearless Tape sticks to all types of fabric and holds stronger than our competition.

Does it leave residue?

Nope! It removes easily and won’t leave residue on almost all fabrics. However, we recommend testing the tape on a small area of your garment before using.

What kind of tape is it?

Fearless Tape is an acrylic tape with a polyethylene carrier. This type of tape is known for its strong hold and easy removal process.

What color is the tape?

Our tape is clear with very little shine, and comes on an easy to work with white liner.