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Body & Clothing Tape

Women’s Double-Sided Tape for Body & Clothing

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Sensitive Skin Body & Clothing Tape

Hypoallergenic Women’s Double-Sided Tape for Sensitive Skin


Combo Pack

Body & Clothing Tape Strips and Dots


Bulk Tins

Body & Clothing Tape Bulk Tins (500 Strips)


Dapper Dots

Men’s Double Sided Tape Dots for Body & Clothing


Say Goodbye to Wardrobe Malfunctions!


No more gapping blouses, sliding belts, drooping hems, or shifty shoulder pads! Our double-sided tape strips and dots help you stay fearless at the office, weddings, proms, pageants, or just while you’re rocking it in your everyday life.

Fearless Tape is made to stay strong when you need it to, while still being gentle on your skin and fabric. Once you’re done with it, the tape comes off clean and won’t damage delicate clothing. Our tape is clear, so it’s easy to use and way less obvious than damaging safety pins!

The Ultimate Style Hack



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