Double-Sided Sticky Tape For Everyday Fashion
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Sensitive Skin Body & Clothing Tape

Hypoallergenic Women’s Double-Sided Tape Strips

Dapper Dots

Men’s Double-Sided Tape Dots

Body & Clothing Tape

Women’s Double-Sided Tape Strips for Body & Clothing


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Karlee Andrews Fashion.png
I love it because it helps me to be fearless (no pun intended 😉 ) throughout my day because I know that my clothes will stay in place. It’s especially nice with a baby because Jo is always tugging on things. If you’re a mom I know you’ll understand!
— Karlee Andrews | @madamandrews
Eric Wertz Fashion.png
These dots are made to just peel right off but strong enough to stay on all day. They won’t ruin your clothes like a safety pin either, and the fact that they’re clear makes them perfectly hidden! They’ve officially found a home in my glove box...
— Eric Wertz | @bluecollarprep
Elly Brown Fashion.png
Double-sided fashion tape is THE ONE THING you need in your closet, in your travel bag, your car, and your office. I kid you not that I have a set of my Fearless Tape tins everywhere. You’ll never know when you’re going to need these bad boys.
— Elly Brown | @uptownwithellybrown

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