5 Reasons to Love Fearless Fashion Tape


We know fashion tape is everywhere. And that’s because it’s awesome. The only thing better than fashion tape is Fearless Fashion Tape. Here’s why…

1.     It stays.

And it stays strong. It’s not like other fashion tapes that will hold until you move the wrong way. Put a piece on a shirt that gaps between the buttons, pant legs that are too long, a belt that won’t stay down, or anything else you can think of and it will stay all day. Pull it off at the end of that day and you’ll still feel how strong the tape is as you pull it off. But don’t worry, it’s easy to get off when you’re ready and it won’t leave anything on your clothes. Get ready to be comfortable in your outfit all day. No slips, no peek-a-boo, no worries! 

2.     It’s strong.

Seriously. If you’ve ever barely touched a piece of fashion tape and had it stretch so thin you couldn’t use it, you’ll appreciate this. You have to pull a piece of Fearless Fashion Tape pretty hard to make it stretch. Yep, it’s awesome.

3.     It’s affordable.

Because you can purchase Fearless Fashion Tape in bulk, you pay a lot less per strip. And since fashion tape is so useful to have around, you’ll find yourself wanting a lot of it!

4.     It comes in more than one shape.

Sometimes, you just want options. Not everyone’s needs are the same, so why would we have only one option for tape? Fearless Fashion Tape can be purchased as strips or as dots. No matter which tin you buy, you’ll get a smaller bonus tin so you can keep Fearless Fashion Tape with you wherever you go.

5.     It’s manufactured by a company with 30 years of experience.

Fearless Fashion Tape is manufactured by Walker Tape, the industry leader in tape and adhesives for hair replacement systems. That means they’re experts in adhesives that are gentle enough for skin, but strong enough to hold even the heaviest of hair systems in place. Since 1985, Walker Tape has been creating outstanding adhesive products with their vast knowledge. So, you can purchase Fearless Fashion Tape with confidence, knowing that experts formulated it with your needs in mind.


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