Great DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea with FREE PRINTABLE

Embody Love: A Doable, Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift

What gift can express how we feel about Mom?

Our mothers made us – in their bodies, created and carried us. Our first home. Theirs, the first bare hands to hold us. There, there: the first bear hug to give us comfort.  

If a gift exists worthy of a mother’s love, it’s one handmade by her kids. Maybe it links the creative power of motherhood to the creative force of her little ones. Maybe a child’s one-of-a-kind creation illustrates the unique relationship they share. Or, frankly, maybe they’re just too cute for this world.

Whatever the reason, kid-made Mother’s Day presents are the best.

And we have an adorable idea for you, whether as a sweet surprise to your mother or to your love. Either way, here’s a fun, doable activity for children of all ages.

Mom Is Going to DIE over this DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Materials: All you need is an open frame, a twig, enough pebbles to make your little rock family, Fearless Tape, and this free printable.  

Give the image below a click for a downloadable and printable PDF. It works on all household printers, and you can cut it to whatever size you want.

Free Printable [CLICK HERE to download]

Mothers Day DOwnloadable.jpg

Set the print in the frame, then place a strip of Fearless Tape toward the bottom to attach the twig.


Next, add tape above the twig to attach the stones.


Has your family ever looked so darling?!


Once you're done, time for the best part: time spent together as a family.


Forget about everything except spoiling Mom. If you’re a mother, embrace our doting. You deserve it. Trust us.

Happy Mother's Day!