Fashion Hack: Keeping Up Your No-Show Socks

With all of the cute new fall and winter boots coming into season, we’re starting to lovingly put away our sandals and reach for our socks. We love wearing no-show socks, but there’s always that one pair that will not stay up, no matter how much strategic adjusting we try.


It doesn’t seem to matter if they have a silicone piece on the heel or an extra tight band, sometimes nothing seems to help. This is especially true with certain types of shoes that seem to help pull your socks off. Booties and boots with interesting designs and cut-outs seem to be especially terrible at keeping no-show socks in place. This is extra frustrating when rather than sliding off of your foot, the sock seems to get bigger and somehow manages to peek out of the top of your shoe (How does that even happen?!).

So, as it’s started to cool off we’ve realized that Fearless Fashion Tape is the perfect solution to all of these problems! Here’s all you have to do to keep your pesky socks in place all day. For this hack, you’ll need either two tape dots or one tape strip that’s been torn or cut in half.

How to use Fearless Tape to hold up your no-show socks:

  1. Put on your no-show socks to see how high they sit on your ankle.

  2. Fold down your sock and place the tape on your ankle, just under where the sock sits.

  3. Put your sock back on and rub the sock to stick it to the tape.

  4. Slip on your shoes and have an awesome day without your socks bunched under the arch of your foot! 

Depending on the booties you’re wearing, your ‘no-show’ socks might still peak out. You can also use Fearless tape to keep your socks hidden. Just use the tape to stick your sock straight onto the inside of the bootie where you want it to sit.

With this neat little hack, you won’t need to worry about your socks messing up your flawless look.

You can order your Fearless Tape on Amazon. We’d love to know how you’re using it and how it’s working for you, so leave us a review and tell us what you think!