Getting the Best Prices on Clothing and Body Tape

Tin Pin.jpg

Once you start using Fearless Tape or any clothing and body tape, you get to this point when you think it’s the answer to every problem. And you’re probably right. Shirt not staying up? Fearless Tape. Birthday banner to hang? Fearless Tape. Baby’s pants not staying up? Fearless Tape. Husband being sassy? Fearless Tape that mouth. Okay... too far… The point is, you want a lot of it around. Especially if you’ve ever run out right when you needed it and remembered how terrible and bulky safety pins are or how useless scotch tape is in these situations. This is exactly why we offer bulk tins.

Bulk tins were the first Fearless product we offered. We wanted to introduce a clothing and body tape at a much lower price per strip. Because there’s less packaging involved per piece of tape, we’re able to offer bulk tins at $0.07 per strip! The average clothing and body tape is anywhere from $0.12 to $0.20 per strip. When you’re using tape every day or even a few times a week, that adds up!

Let’s say you’re using eight pieces of tape per week on average. Meaning each week you use your tape 3-4 times (we use it way more than that… but we’re pretty obsessed).

Closest competitor: 8 pieces x $0.12 per piece = $0.96/wk x 52 wks per year = $49.92

Fearless Tape: 8 pieces x $0.07 per piece = $0.56/wk x 52 wks per year = $29.12

Now, this just shows some basic numbers for the average user. Now imagine how much you would use and how much you could save if you’re one of these:

    -A mother

    -A photographer (this stuff is like GOLD at photoshoots)

    -An event planner

    -A dress shop owner

    -Anyone involved with pageants

Imagine replacing the headaches of safety pins, adhesives and adhesive sprays with simple strips or dots of tape. Especially if you need to work quickly or you’re working with children, this can be a huge time and headache saver.

And lest you think it’s harder to use a bulk tin because you can’t carry it with you on the go, let us introduce you to the bonus tin. It’s a little mini tin that you can carry with you on the go. It’s really small so it’s easy to fit in any size purse, photography bag or diaper bag, but still fits a good amount of tape.

So, our bulk tins not only offer you the best price on clothing and body tape, they come with a bonus on-the-go tin, AND they’re available on Amazon.


Ready to throw them on your next Amazon order? Find them here. And don’t forget, we love to see how you use Fearless Tape. Show us on how you’re using it on our Facebook Page.