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Get that Perfect Watch Look

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Everybody loves a good watch. It’s a classic way to accessorize. Nowadays watches seem to be worn for fashion more than function, but that doesn’t seem to be making them any less popular. Do you still find yourself checking your phone for the time while wearing a watch? Guilty. Whether your watch is there for function, fashion, or both, we’re sure you’ve found yourself wondering how to keep the end of the watch band in place. Whether you’ve just been dealing with the end flapping around, been tempted to cut the end off, or trying to tuck in in somewhere, this hack is for you. All it takes is one little fashion dot (or half a strip) to keep the end of your watch band in place all day.

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Ready to stop worrying about your watch band? Get your Fearless Tape here then be sure to show off your perfect watch look on instagram with #FearlessTape.

Easy Hem Fix

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hem 1.jpg

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Whether it’s the lining of your skirt or a slip that you’ve put on underneath, you don’t want it showing. Luckily there’s an easy fix that will keep you from checking one thousand times throughout the day to make sure it’s not showing.

hem 2.jpg

Place a couple of strips of Fearless Tape on the slip.

hem 3.jpg
hem 4.jpg

Then simply remove the lining and fold the slip over on itself, ensuring that you’re making it short enough to not be seen underneath your skirt.

hem 5.jpg

Problem solved!

hem 6.jpg
hem 8.jpg
hem 7.jpg
hem 9.jpg

We want to see how you’re using your Fearless Tape this Summer. Show us your favorite outfits on Instagram and be sure to #FearlessTape.

Summer Dresses and Sand Dunes Part 3

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If you missed the first two parts of this shoot make sure you scroll down on our blog to see the behind the scenes on the first two outfits. This outfit was almost perfect, but with the wind and the running around, the sleeves would never have stayed in place. If you’ve worn an off the shoulder style before you can understand how annoying it is to constantly be pulling your sleeves into the right position. All we needed was a couple strips of Fearless Tape to keep things in place.

Dress 2.jpg
Dress 3.jpg

How awesome is it to be able to be in that much wind and actually keep your flowy outfit in place?!

Dress 4.jpg
Dress 8.jpg
Dress 5.jpg
Dress 9.jpg


All of these perfect outfits were held together through all of that wind and running around with Fearless Tape! If that doesn’t convince you that it works, we don’t know what will. Ready to try it? Find it on Amazon Prime here.


Summer Dresses and Sand Dunes Part Two

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Did you see part one of this post yesterday? If not, make sure you check it out to see how we perfected the green and white outfit on the right hand side of that first photo. Today we’re looking at outfit number two! This top is so pretty but it was hanging a little low. With the wind on this photo shoot it would have taken constant adjustments to keep her bra out of the photos. Fearless Tape is exactly what we needed to hold things together so all she had to worry about was dancing in the sun and looking gorgeous, both of which were obviously very easy for her!

First we placed Fearless Tape on her chest where we wanted her neckline to sit.

dresses 2.jpg
dresses 3.jpg
dresses 4.jpg

Then, all we had to do was put her shirt in place and it stayed the whole time, even with all of the wind.

dresses 5.jpg

Once things got going we realized that her necklace was going to be an issue with all of the wind.

dresses 6.jpg

We added a Fearless Tape dot to the back so she wouldn’t have to worry about her necklace blowing around. It stayed right in place and was perfect in all of the photos.

dresses 7.jpg
dresses 8.jpg
dresses 9.jpg
dresses ten.jpg

How’s that for perfection? We love these photos so much! Check back tomorrow to see part three!