Use Fearless Tape for Full Bra Coverage in a Tank Top

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Sometimes the lines on your tank top and the bra you want to wear don’t match up. Does this look familiar to you?

Fearless Tape 1.jpg

Back in the day we may have just tried to cover up with a cardigan, find a bra that worked, or just chose another shirt to wear. Luckily, there’s now Fearless Tape to let us wear any tank top with our favorite bra.

All you have to do is add one piece of tape to the top of your shoulder strap...


And another piece to the side of the cup.

Fearless Tape 3.jpg

Just stick the shirt in place and you’re good to go!

Fearless Tape 4.jpg

It works for almost any type of tank top that almost matches up with your bra. Just use the tape to stick your shirt to the perfect spots on your bra to cover it up.

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Fearless Tape 6.jpg

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