Fashion Hack: Quick Fixes for Button-Up Shirts

Ever feel like you have a love/hate relationship with your button-up shirts? On the one hand, they can look classy and casual at the same time and be completely flattering. But on the other hand, even when they fit, everything great about them can be ruined when they gap between the buttons. And sometimes they just don’t have a button exactly where you need it so your chest is covered but you’re not choking yourself. Well, as usual, Fearless Tape is here to help. Here’s how to solve your button-up woes forever.

1. Go to Amazon to get your Fearless tape. Luckily, Amazon is amazing and you’ll have it in your hands in no time.

2. Pull out a strip and peel off the blank side of the liner.

3. If you’re controlling a gap: Place the tape halfway between the two buttons that are gaping and close it up. If there’s not a button exactly where you want it: Button your shirt up to just below where you would want the top button. Place the tape right where you wish there was another button and close it up.

4. Enjoy a worry free day of looking great!


Fearless Tape is also great for any other issues with your button-ups. You can use Fearless Tape to:

-Hold up your sleeves when you roll them up. The best part is that it’s easy to remove if you decide later in the day that you no longer want them rolled.

-Keep your collar in place. For those days when the collar just won’t sit right.

-Keep your shirt tucked in. You can place a few pieces around your waist between your shirt and your skin to hold your shirt in place.

How do you like to use Fearless Tape? Help other ladies out and let them know on our Facebook page!

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