That's A Wrap


Doesn’t that photo perfectly describe what it feels like to wear a wrap dress? Wrap dresses are so fun and can be so flattering. The downside to many of them is that they have a slit that can go higher than you’re comfortable with. Fearless Tape gives you the ability to keep the slit closed without having to spend time sewing or add visible stitches. The other benefit is that it’s not permanent. So if you make the slit too high or too low, it’s easy to fix. It’s also nice if you have a different amount of leg you feel comfortable showing in different situations. Maybe for an event with your kids around you can make it mid shin just in case (we’ve all had an embarrassing clothing moment brought on by kids, right?). For date night when there’s less potential of a child pulling your skirt open, you can make the slit knee high or above. Whatever suits your fancy!

Simply choose how much leg you’d like to show and use fashion tape to close the gap anywhere you’d like to cover.



Easy, right? We love to see your Fearless outfits! Show us on Instagram and be sure to #FearlessTape.