Temporary Curtains with Fearless Tape


Our amazing photographer, Michele, of SandL Studios is so talented as you can tell by our site! She also loves using Fearless Tape in her daily life as well as in her photoshoots. She always has it on hand during her photography sessions because, as you know, something always has to go wrong.


During a photo session last month, Michele wanted a temporary curtain put up. She pulled out her Fearless Tape dots and got it up in minutes.


Such a pretty backdrop and perfect light filter! And it took barely any time. Fearless Tape is seriously a life saver.


We love keeping it in our purses, diaper bags, photography bags, cars, and anywhere else we can think of to be sure it’s on hand for times like this.

Where do you keep your Fearless Tape? Let us know on Instagram with #FearlessTape.