Mom Hack: Protect Your Clothes from Little Hands


If you’re a mom you’re probably used to having your clothing tugged on throughout each and every day. However, if you’re not quite comfortable with the tugging exposing what’s under the neckline of your shirt, we’ve got a hack for you. This is awesome for anyone who’s worried about their neckline plunging and little too much. And, best of all, it’s quick and easy. So it won’t feel like adding yet another thing to your crazy day. You don’t even have to leave the house with your little busy bodies to pick up your Fearless Tape. Just grab it from Amazon Prime and get it in your mailbox within two days.


If you’re ready to change this:

Fearless Fashion Tape Hack.jpg

To this...

Fearless Fashion hack 2.jpg

Just add this...

Fearless Tape Fashion Hack 3.jpg
  1. Remove the liner from one side of your Fearless Tape strip.
  2. Stick the tape to the place you’d like your neckline to sit.
  3. Remove the liner from the other side of your Fearless Tape strip.
  4. Stick the shirt onto the exposed side of the tape.
  5. Enjoy an extra layer of protection against those cute little hands that tug on you constantly.


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