Tame that Belt Tail

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SPRING DRESSES are HERE! Can you tell we’re excited?! Is there anything that makes you feel more girly than a light, fun, Spring dress? We’re so excited that it’s finally getting warm enough (some days) to wear them. The not so fun part about Spring dresses? When you find the perfect waist belt that is so cute with your new dress and you have a belt tail that won’t stay put.


I’m sure you’ve tried several tactics to tame that belt tail. Tying it around the rest of the belt. Tucking it into the belt. Safety pins. Maybe even some general household tape. Even when something kind of works, it’s hard to not be a little worried about it throughout the day.

        At Fearless Tape we’re all about ‘set it and forget it’. We know what it feels like to be messing with an outfit all day because something is a little off. Maybe a hem is a little long or your buttons are gapping or that cute belt has a long tail that won’t stop flailing. It seems like little things until you’re in the moment, finally out of the house, maybe on a date with hubby or out to lunch with your friends. And you feel just a little uncomfortable about your outfit. It might not seem to bother you that much. Maybe it’s a little thing. But compare that with times you go out and everything is on point. You know you look good. You know your outfit is envy worthy. How much better do you feel? How much more fun do you have because you’re not worried about that little part of your outfit that isn’t in place?

        We want you to have that confidence every time you leave the house. We want you to be able to set your outfit, know that it looks great, and forget about it the rest of the day. We want you to know you look good. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we do what we do. These hacks are simple ways to help you enjoy your life and your look even more.

        Speaking of simple, this hack requires one little piece of tape, just a few seconds of your time, and zero headache. We hope this has you saying ‘where has this been all my life?!’ Just add one little Fearless Tape dot to the end of the belt and place it where you’d like it to go. If you have strips on hand that works just as well.

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ow much better does that look than the first picture? It’s amazing what one little finishing touch can do to help your outfit look so much more put together. Hopefully when you try this hack you’ll also realize that it’s also amazing how one little finishing touch can make you feel so much more confident and carefree about your look throughout the day.

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Mom Hack: Protect Your Clothes from Little Hands


If you’re a mom you’re probably used to having your clothing tugged on throughout each and every day. However, if you’re not quite comfortable with the tugging exposing what’s under the neckline of your shirt, we’ve got a hack for you. This is awesome for anyone who’s worried about their neckline plunging and little too much. And, best of all, it’s quick and easy. So it won’t feel like adding yet another thing to your crazy day. You don’t even have to leave the house with your little busy bodies to pick up your Fearless Tape. Just grab it from Amazon Prime and get it in your mailbox within two days.


If you’re ready to change this:

Fearless Fashion Tape Hack.jpg

To this...

Fearless Fashion hack 2.jpg

Just add this...

Fearless Tape Fashion Hack 3.jpg
  1. Remove the liner from one side of your Fearless Tape strip.
  2. Stick the tape to the place you’d like your neckline to sit.
  3. Remove the liner from the other side of your Fearless Tape strip.
  4. Stick the shirt onto the exposed side of the tape.
  5. Enjoy an extra layer of protection against those cute little hands that tug on you constantly.


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