Summer Dresses and Sand Dunes Part One

Fearless 1.jpg

First can we just acknowledge how pretty that photo is? We’ll be bringing you the behind the scenes on this gorgeous photo shoot over the next couple of days because it’s just so gorgeous. Those outfits are completely perfect for summer. They’re light, flowy, and feminine. These photos were taken out at some sand dunes which made for a gorgeous location. The wind was perfect with these flowy outfits, but it took some preparation to make sure it didn’t lead to a little too much exposure if you know what we mean… Fearless Tape was the perfect solution. It kept everything in place with the wind, but didn’t inhibit any of the flowiness from the outfits.

First, this pretty, flowy white shirt is so gorgeous. But you can see how that low of a neck could quickly get you in trouble without a little bit of help from Fearless Tape.

Fearless 2.jpg
Fearless 3.jpg

We placed the tape on the neckline and attached it to where she wanted it to sit on her chest.

Fearless 4.jpg
Fearless 5.jpg
Fearless 7.jpg

Did the same thing on the other side.

Fearless 6.jpg
Fearless 8.jpg
Fearless 9.jpg

It turned out perfect. You would have no idea there was anything keeping this shirt in place. It looks just as flowy and perfect, but without showing quite as much as it would without Fearless Tape in place.

Fearless last.jpg