Summer Dresses and Sand Dunes Part 3

dress 1.jpg

If you missed the first two parts of this shoot make sure you scroll down on our blog to see the behind the scenes on the first two outfits. This outfit was almost perfect, but with the wind and the running around, the sleeves would never have stayed in place. If you’ve worn an off the shoulder style before you can understand how annoying it is to constantly be pulling your sleeves into the right position. All we needed was a couple strips of Fearless Tape to keep things in place.

Dress 2.jpg
Dress 3.jpg

How awesome is it to be able to be in that much wind and actually keep your flowy outfit in place?!

Dress 4.jpg
Dress 8.jpg
Dress 5.jpg
Dress 9.jpg


All of these perfect outfits were held together through all of that wind and running around with Fearless Tape! If that doesn’t convince you that it works, we don’t know what will. Ready to try it? Find it on Amazon Prime here.