Special Occassion Clothing Hacks


At Fearless Tape we’re all about perfecting your everyday wardrobe. But some days are special and we’re definitely there for you on those days as well. This couple wanted to do a special photo session for their anniversary. This dress was so perfect for the look they were going for, but it’s one of those dresses that makes it a little difficult to figure out a bra. Fearless Tape was basically made for dresses like this. Just throw on a strapless bra (Fearless Tape can hold it up - bonus!) and make it invisible with Fearless Tape.


Fearless Tape strips are three inches so they’re really convenient for fixes like this. It only took two strips to hold up the entire back of the dress. Taping the back up actually made it fall much prettier in our opinion so it worked out perfectly.


The front of the dress was a little low as well. This is definitely a personal preference. But, especially when you’re taking pictures your family will see, it’s often much more comfortable to be a little more covered. This is so nice when you’re just not quite sure if you’re showing a little too much and want to be sure you don’t have any slip ups during the day. We added strips to the neck line and place it high enough that she felt comfortable throughout the whole shoot.


Last up, the slit. Sometimes you get the perfect dress, put it on, and realize the slit is much higher than you’re comfortable with. Have you been there? Don’t let it ruin a dress for you! No need to sew it or wear another layer. Just add strips of Fearless Tape until it’s low enough that you feel comfortable.


For this dress we actually put the Fearless Tape directly onto her skin where the slit would be and attached the dress to her skin.


And how beautiful did these pictures turn out?! We’re a little obsessed with this session. A beautiful couple, a beautiful place, and they look so classy!


Do you have a special occassion coming up? We’d love to see how you use Fearless Tape to perfect your outfits. Show us on Instagram and be sure to add #FearlessTape