Quick Halloween Costume Additions


Halloween is just around the corner, meaning you’re probably going to be hitting up a few parties soon. Maybe you’ve been planning your costume since last Halloween and are looking to add those last minute touches. Maybe you just remembered you have a party tonight and need something last minute. Either way, here’s a quick addition to make your costume a little creepier in no time.

What you’ll need:

1.       A pair of nylons (any color)

2.       Plastic bugs

3.       Fearless Fashion Tape

To make it happen:

1.       Put on the nylons.

2.       Put pieces of Fearless Fashion Tape on the bugs.

3.       Peel off the other side of the liner on the tape and place the bugs on the nylons.

4.       Enjoy this creepy touch to your costume.

Don’t think this tip is just for plastic bugs either, you can use this tip for pretty much anything:

  • Attach glow-in-the-dark stars to black clothing to be a night sky.
  • Attach purple or green balloons to solid color clothing to be a bundle of grapes.
  • Attach lace, feathers, spiders, etc. to a plain black dress to spice up your witch costume.
  • Attach strips of white cloth to white clothing to be a mummy.
  • Attach fake leaves to brown clothing to be a pile of leaves.

See, the possibilities are endless! We’d love to see what you do with Fearless Tape for your Halloween costume this year. You can share your costumes on our Facebook page or send them to info@fearlesstape.com