Perfecting Your Bedroom Retreat

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How’s that for bed envy?! A bed is the perfect sanctuary. Cozy, warm, and so hard to leave! Sadly at some point we all have to get out of bed and make it cute again. What’s the most annoying part of making the bed? The duvet cover. After you spend approximately 20 years getting it on correctly, the dang opening wont stay shut! Either you figure out a way to hide it with pillows or a throw, or it’s just staring at you every time you look at your otherwise perfectly made bed.

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Since Fearless tape is designed to hold fabrics together without slipping, but remove easily, it’s the perfect solution. Simply line the opening of the duvet with Fearless Tape. When it come time to wash, pull the two sides of the opening apart to peel one side of the opening away from the tape. Then peel the tape strips off completely before putting it in the wash.

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It always feels SO good to have a made bed and clean sheets.

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While you’re perfecting your duvet, you might as well take an extra minute or so to perfect your pillow cases as well. It’s amazing how much more done up your bed looks when your pillows aren’t sticking out of their cases. A beautiful home is all about the little details, just like the perfect outfit. Depending on the size of your pillows and cases, you can either tape the case to itself like the opening of the duvet, or tape it directly to the pillow to help it stay put. Fearless Tape holds so strong that you shouldn’t need to worry about moving around while you sleep and pulling the tape loose.

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Ah, pure perfection. Gotta soak in those quiet moments of solitude before the kids rush in and start a pillow fight, right?

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