Perfect Length Jeans with Fearless Double-Sided Tape


Have you ever noticed that your jeans that are the perfect length with one pair of shoes and not with another?  Well, Fearless Tape comes to the rescue one more time.  Here is an easy tutorial on doing a quick hem on your jeans:

1. Pull the backing off of the double-sided tape.

2. Roll your pants outwards.  Place the tape sticky side down on the inside of your pants.

3. Remove the front lining of the tape, starting from the middle.

4. Roll your pants inward until you have the right length, then press firmly to secure the hem.

5.  Enjoy a worry-free day with jeans that are the perfect length.  At the end of the day, simply pull apart the fabric and peel off the tape.

That's it!  There is no need to have different lengths of pants to go with different shoes.  Just do a quick Fearless Tape hem and you'll be off to conquer the world!