Party Hack: Gender Reveal and Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Decorations.jpg

Is there anything more exciting than a new baby?! We don’t know how things are in your circles, but there are gender reveals, baby showers, and newborns galore going on in ours. Whether you’re hosting an event for a friend or have your own little one on the way, these hacks are for you.


We love decorating with Fearless Tape because it stays strong for as long as you’d like, it’s easy to remove without causing damage, and you can hide it easily. It’s also nice that it can easily be used as a single sided tape if that’s what you’re looking for.


In case you hadn’t noticed, we love to show you pretty things… So here are some cute ideas from a baby reveal and a baby shower for the same little lady.


When it comes to hanging banners, you can either remove both sides of the liner to hold things from the backside like this…

DSC_1767 copy.jpg

Or leave one side of the liner on the tape to hold it from the front.


How cute is this?! And all of it is held together with Fearless Tape. From the balloons on the table, to the banner, to the tissue flowers. Fearless Tape gives you an extra polished look without the fear of things falling down. If you’ve ever used a basic tape for your party decorating needs, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when things don’t hold well or you have unattractive tapes hanging out all over the place.

DSC_1627 copy.jpg

Now onto the baby shower! We are especially obsessed with this setup. Again we’ve got the balloons, banners, tissue flowers, and tassels hung with Fearless Tape.


Here’s the finish product. You see ZERO trace of tape anywhere in this setup. It makes everything, especially the banners look very clean and put together.


In this next image, we’ve circled all of the places where we put Fearless Tape dots. Of course, we had to circle them because there’s no way you would notice them without it.

Circles Tape.jpg

Basically what we’re saying is that Fearless Tape will make you look like a party decorating goddess. And who doesn’t want that?!


Now let’s have a look at the little piece of heaven herself. This little swaddle and headband duo are adorable. But the headband was definitely a little large…


It’s obviously still an absolutely adorable photo. But Fearless Tape let us adjust the size of the headband temporarily without putting any holes into it. She’ll be able to continue to wear it as she grows into it.


All we did was place a piece of Fearless Tape on the back of the headband.


Then fold the headband over on itself to make it the right size.


The perfect size for her perfect little head.

DSC_1484 copy.jpg

Fixes like these make Fearless the perfect go-to product for photoshoots. You never know quite what to expect, but Fearless can help you pull just about any outfit or background off. Because we know you’re looking for the perfect pictures of you and your little ones.



Our hearts are melting. It doesn’t get much more precious than that.

We’d love to see how you use Fearless Tape around the house throughout your daily life! Let us know how you use Fearless on our Facebook page!