Maternity Clothing Hacks

 Oh pregnancy… There’s really no way to describe it. It’s exciting and fun and beautiful… sometimes. And then there’s the other times… When it’s sweaty and uncomfortable and you’ve never felt so far from beautiful in your life. But the outcome is so worth it.

        If you’re pregnant in this summer heat... 1) CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited for you! 2) We are so sorry you have to deal with being pregnant in the heat. Hopefully you’ve found some ways to keep cool. But when you have to be dressed and look presentable it can be hard to make sure everything stays where you want it, especially if you’re wearing current styles like off the shoulder tops, rolled hem shorts, and anything with a ‘waist’ (what does waist even mean when you’re pregnant, right?!) belt or ribbon. No matter what you’re wearing or when, Fearless Tape is here to make your everyday wardrobe feel more put together and, most importantly, more comfortable.

        First up, let’s talk shorts. The rolled hem look is actually really nice because you can customize the length so easily. But it gets pretty annoying when it won’t stay rolled and you’re constantly trying to keep your hem in place. Fearless Tape is the perfect solution.


Just before your last roll, use some Fearless Tape to keep things in place.


It’ll keep things in place all day. If you’re wanting to have flexibility with your hemline and not keep them rolled permanently, be sure that you remove the Fearless Tape before you wash them.


Now let’s talk off the shoulder dresses. They’re so cute and are a great way to look very covered up but have a little more ventilation for those hot summer days. We love them for outdoor events, maternity photo shoots, and brunch with friends. Adding a little Fearless tape to keep them in place ensures you’re comfortable no matter what you’re doing. After all, it’s much more fun to wear a cute dress when you don’t have to keep messing with it throughout the day.

Have no fear - it stays in place no matter how much you’re moving your arms around.


Next up, let’s talk waist belts, bands, or ribbons. These are so popular for maternity clothing and have been for a long time. We don’t see these styles going out any time soon. They’re really fun because they make it very obvious that you’re pregnant. But whether the detail is attached or not, it can cause some problems. Ribbons never seem to stay in place, waist belts always have the end sticking out and twist around, and attached bands like to roll up when they’re washed. Fearless Tape fixes all of these issues and keeps everything in place all day.


Simply place it underneath the clothing detail at the waist and it will stay in place all day without worry.

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