Make a DIY Choker with Fearless Tape

Fearless Tape 1.jpg

The choker trend is huge right now. We’re seeing chokers EVERYWHERE. If you’re someone who wants a choker for every occasion, you might find yourself wishing you had a less expensive and more customizable option. Look no further than some basic ribbons and Fearless Tape. This may be our quickest and easiest hack of all.

All you have to do is find what you want to make your choker out of. You can use this hack with ribbons, leather strips, fabric strips, twine, whatever you want. And because you’re holding it on with Fearless Tape, you can easily add charms and still keep it in place without worrying about it slipping throughout the day. If you’re using a charm, just thread it on. If you’d feel more comfortable, you can even place a small piece of tape under the charm and stick it to your skin so it stays in place. If it’s a smaller charm, you can use a very small piece of tape to stick the charm where you want on the ribbon.

Fearless Tape 2.jpg

Tie the ribbon (or whatever you’re using for your choker) into a knot or bow, whichever you prefer.

Fearless Tape 3.jpg


Place a small piece of tape underneath the knot or bow and you’ve got a choker that will stay all day.

Fearless Tape 4.jpg

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