Lovely Little Keepsakes

Keepsakes 1.jpg

Being a parent is such an eye opening experience in so many ways. It’s funny when you start to realize how much better you understand your own parents. It used to seem crazy that your mom wanted to keep every single thing you ever touched (dramatic?). But now you get it. What you may not have realized is how hard it can be to figure out ways to make sure those items that are so important to you are preserved. Fearless Tape is an excellent option for so much more than clothing. It’s a great tape for crafts, scrapbooking, and other keepsakes as well.


Hair keepsakes are such a sweet way to keep a little piece of your loved ones preserved. This is a little lock of hair from our photographer’s daughter’s first haircut. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with it until she thought to use Fearless Tape.


She ended up cutting a Fearless Tape dot in half and attaching the hair to it to keep the hair together in one piece. She then put a whole Fearless Tape dot on the glass of a keepsake window charm, removed the liner, and place the hair on top.

keepsakes 2.jpg
keepsakes 3.jpg
keepsakes 4.jpg

When the hair was in place, she removed the liner from the half dot that was holding the hair together.

keepsakes 5.jpg

After pressing the other piece of glass in place, it was ready to place into the charm.

keepsakes 6.jpg

Isn’t that such a beautiful way to preserve this sweet item? It’s so fun to look back at these memories and remember our cute little ones.


What items from your kids do you just have to save? We’d love to see them! Show us on Instagram with #FearlessTape.