Holiday Hack: How to Party-Proof Your New Years Eve Ensemble


New Year’s Eve is such an exciting night. Getting ready for the New Year, getting all dressed up and dancing the night away. The hard part can be keeping your wardrobe under control around the crowds, especially if there are grown-up beverages around. Here are some Fearless Tape hacks to keep your wardrobe under control all night.


  1. One of the most sure-fire ways to be annoyed and uncomfortable all night is to not have your bra and/or sleeves under control. If you’re wearing straps, put a piece of tape underneath the strap at the top of the shoulder and stick it to your skin. This will keep your straps up all night without the fear of them sliding down your arm. If you’re going strapless, after you have your dress on, place 2-4 strips of tape around the top of your bra and/or dress and stick it to your skin. This will prevent your top from sliding down during the night. Nobody wants to be the awkward one pulling their dress up all night. Find more detail about this hack here.

  2. As much as we love big necklaces or bracelets, it can be hard to keep them under control as we roam, dance and lean over the treat table during the night. To keep them close and out of your way, place a tape dot or ½ of a strip underneath the jewelry and stick it to where you want it to lay. Then, you can forget about it for the rest of the night.

  3. It can be rough to keep your heels on all night, especially if they’re flapping around and not staying on your feet. To keep them secure, use two strips of tape per shoe. Place the two pieces next to each other where your heel will meet the shoe. Leave a small piece of the liner on the side that you stick to your shoe so you can remove the tape easier at the end of the night. This will keep your heels stuck to your feet all night.

  4. Bring some extra tape with you in your purse. You never know what will happen throughout the night, so be prepared! Your friends will thank you as well when you save them from some fashion mishaps.

Now you’re ready to take on New Year’s Eve with no worries (except maybe falling asleep before midnight… can’t help you there). Grab your Fearless Tape here and let us know what other hacks you find while partying the night away.