The Ultimate Bridal Emergency Kit #911kitbyray

Fearless Tape is the perfect solution for quick clothing fixes and fashion hacks when you want your look to be perfect. And let’s be real, when do you want to look more perfect than on your wedding day? The problem is, because wedding days are generally very long and include several events, the wedding party often has little mishaps that no one sees coming. We recently found out about an amazing wedding photographer who’s doing something awesome to help his brides when these situations arise on their special day.

As a wedding photographer, Ray Alvarez has seen these mishaps many times so he decided to do something about it. He created The Official Bridal Emergency Kit for his brides, complete with Fearless Tape! Ray created this kit from experience. While photographing the moments before wedding ceremonies he noticed that brides and their bridesmaids are often in need of toiletries that no one thought to bring. Issues like tears in clothing, bad breath or smelly armpits, hairstyle mishaps, ill-fitting dresses, etc. often arise at the worst possible time. To help, Ray fills these kits with hairpins, antiperspirant wipes, breath mints, tissues, elastic bands, band aids, stain removers and of course, Fearless Tape. Because it can be such a stressful time for brides, Ray likes to help remove some of the wedding day jitters they’re most likely experiencing. If he can do that, he feels that he’s done his job.

When asked why he chose Fearless Tape out of the many options available on the market, Ray said:

“Body tape or double sided tape is a must have on the special day. Nine out of ten times, one female in your bridal party will need it. Searching for the right vendor was tough. When I saw how fearless tape was packaged, I knew I had the right tape. Minimal, simple but yet reliable. You can wear it all day and dance, move and sweat (summer weddings) and it will remain strong.”

Wondering what brides have had to say about the kit? Well obviously, they LOVE it. Ray sends the kit to his brides to be a week before their wedding. It’s a special little touch for his brides to help them feel some relief and know they’re prepared. Ray says, “with products like Fearless Tape in my kit, I know my brides will feel like they are in good hands”.

When it comes to choosing a photographer for your special day, Ray says:

“Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Make sure that you select someone who is enthusiastic about capturing your memories. Booking a destination photographer, like myself, will get you memories that will last forever. You will also receive a free #911KitByRay which includes many necessary day of items such as Fearless Tape.”

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