Fearless Tape Practical Use #2-Keeping Your Socks in Place



Do you have a certain pair of socks that never seem to stay up?  No matter how many times you stop and pull them up, they are back down around your ankles in 4.7 seconds flat?  In today’s Practical Use Tip, we will show you how easy it is to keep those socks exactly where you want them.

  1. Pull your long socks up exactly where you want them to be

  2. Fold your socks over about 1” from the top

  3. Peel off the front liner of one strip of tape and place it on one side of the folded over sock

  4. Peel off the back liner of the tape

  5. Repeat as needed

  6. Fold the socks pack in place and enjoy your worry free sock day

Double sided clothing tape does it again!  Are you going to try it on your problem socks?