Easy Undershirt Coverup

Spring is coming! And along with it, lots of light, flowy tops. It feels so good to switch out of those cozy but heavy winter clothes and slip into light fabrics. As good as they feel, they don’t leave much to the imagination unless you can find an undershirt that works with them. We found this pretty white top that we love. But it looked a little off with a spaghetti strapped camisole underneath. A cap sleeve undershirt worked except the necklines didn’t match up.


Sound familiar? As women, it's pretty common to buy the perfect item of clothing only to get home and realize there’s no perfect way to wear it with the other items we have in our closet. Something is just a little off and we’re not sure what to do about it. Then there are those clothes that look awesome the first time you wear them, but the next time something is off. Or the undershirt you were going to wear is dirty. Or the pants that are the right length suddenly feel too tight or too loose. That’s probably why we’ve all spent so many mornings staring at a closet full of clothes thinking we have nothing to wear.

Fearless Tape has been such a lifesaver for so many women. It gives you the ability to make those quick little changes that can take an outfit from ‘just okay’ to something you feel good in all day. It gets rid of those little things you’d be just a little self conscious about all day. Suddenly those pants that are just a little too long for those heels are easy to do a quick temporary hem on and look perfect. That button up shirt that totally fits you but for some reason gaps at the chest suddenly stays together. This hack is no different.


All we did was use Fearless Tape to line up the neckline of the undershirt with the neckline of the blouse. And of course, it worked perfectly. 

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