DIY Ninja Party Decorations

ninja 1.jpg


Parties can be stressful when you’re a mom. Here at Fearless Tape we’re all about helping you simplify your life. Fearless Tape is so much more than a clothing and body tape. You can find uses for it on almost any occasion. Today we’re showing you a cute and simple DIY ninja party decorating idea. All you’ll need are some balloons, printed or drawn ninja eyes, and Fearless Tape!

ninja 2.jpg
ninja 3.jpg
ninfa 4.jpg
ninja 5.jpg
ninja 6.jpg

You’ll obviously need some treats to go along with your ninja theme, so why not some candy sushi? How cute are these?! All we used was rice crispy treats, Fruit by the Foot, and Swedish Fish. So easy and so fun. You can even have the kids help as an activity.

ninja 7.jpg

No matter how simple your party is, you worked hard for it! Show off your party planning skillz on Instagram and be sure to #FearlessTape.