DIY Costume Idea: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume.jpg

It’s one of our favorite times of the year. We love Halloween and we love using Fearless Tape for Halloween costumes! We have several ideas to help you out this year that we’ll be posting throughout the weekend so be sure to check back.

Today’s costume… Wonder Woman! We’re so excited with how this turned out. All it took was jeans, a t-shirt, Fearless Tape, scissors, a Sharpie, and some paper. We also printed off the Wonder Woman logo and a star to use as patterns.


Start by cutting the paper to make the logo, cuffs, and a headband.


Then, all that’s left to do is attach everything with Fearless Tape! Having both dots and strips can be super helpful with costumes to be sure you get the tape exactly where you need it.


Tape the logo to the front of the shirt. Fearless Tape won’t leave residue and won’t damage your clothes so you can use whatever shirt you want.


Place tape along the edge of one side of each cuff and attach it to the other.


The headband can be attached directly to the forehead with Fearless Tape. Be sure to do a patch test before using the tape on your skin.


And voila! It’s that easy.


Have you used Fearless Tape for a costume? We’d love to hear your ideas and see what you’ve done. Comment below or show us on our Facebook page.

Out of tape? You still have time to get more from Amazon before the big day. Be sure to keep checking back here for more costume ideas throughout the weekend.