Costume Hacks with Fearless Tape

Fearless Tape Post Cover.jpg

Fearless Tape is such a lifesaver every day, but especially when it comes to Halloween. Pretty much every Halloween costume can be much more comfortable with a little Fearless Tape.


The Scera Center for the Arts was nice enough to lend us some of their costumes to see how we could make them more comfortable with Fearless Tape.


First, we found this classic pair of red pumps with one sole falling out and a few tears in the lining.



Luckily it’s an easy fix with a couple pieces of Fearless Tape.



Have you ever had a waistband that kept folding or riding up? How about a two second hack...


Fearless Tape has your back. Literally. Use it to make temporary alterations to any piece of clothing. 


Have you used Fearless Tape for a costume? We’d love to hear your ideas and see what you’ve done. Comment below or show us on our Facebook page.


Out of tape? You still have time to get more from Amazon before the big day. Be sure to keep checking back here for more costume ideas throughout the weekend.