Fashion Hack: Keeping Up Your No-Show Socks

As amazing as no-show socks can be, you’re bound to have a day when they just won’t stay up. No matter if they have a silicone piece on the heel to keep them up, or an extra tight band, sometimes it’s just not enough. This is especially true with certain types of shoes. Booties seem to be especially terrible at keeping no-show socks in place. This is extra frustrating when your ankle socks peek out of the top of your booties without fail. This Fall, we realized that Fearless Fashion Tape is the answer! Here’s all you have to do to keep those socks in place all day.


  1. For this hack, you’ll either need two tape dots or one tape strip that’s torn or cut in half.
  2. Put on your no-show socks to see how high they sit on your ankle.
  3. Fold down your sock and place the tape on your ankle, just under where the sock will sit.
  1. Put your sock back on and rub the sock to stick it to the tape.
  2. Enjoy a worry free day without your socks bunched under the arch of your foot!


Depending on the booties you’re wearing, your ‘no-show’ socks might still peak out. You can also use Fearless tape to keep your socks hidden. Just use the tape to stick your sock straight to the bootie.


No more worrying about your socks messing up the perfect look you’re going for.



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