Back to School Teacher Gifts (With FREE Printables!)

Teacher Gifts Together.jpg

Pretty sure we can all agree that teaching would take a LOT of energy. Taking care of our own children gets exhausting and we are obsessed with them. Imagine surviving a room full of 30 children five days a week. Plus all of the other requirements, assessments, maintaining the room, dealing with hard children and hard parents, lack of funding, etc. It's a lot. And they do such an amazing job! We are so thankful for the amazing teachers that help our kids out every day. Sometimes it's the small and simple things that can really make a teacher's day. That's why we love these little thank you gifts. They're the perfect way to say thank you, make a teacher smile, and enjoy some time with your little ones.

First up, we obviously have to start with an apple gift, right? This is so cute and (bonus!) practical. This also includes a thank you for your bus driver! Because I think we can all agree it takes a very special heart and a lot of energy to drive a bus full of children to and from school safely every day. Let's hear it for the bus drivers! 

To create these little cuties, you'll need:

Gather the kids around and enjoy some time together. This is an awesome break from the craziness that is school and routine. It's also such a great way to teach our kids to think of others and hep them realize all of the good people around them that are there to help them grow and improve. 

This next one is equally as adorable, of course. You'll need:

For real though, how cute are these? You can do these for teachers at school, church, dance, wherever. There can't be a teacher out there that wouldn't appreciate one of these little guys.

This last one is so adorable. We're pretty excited about it. You should probably have the kids make a couple extra for YOU! You deserve it. And who doesn't need emergency chocolate every once in a while, right?

You'll need:

  • Chocolate - we trust you to be able to find something yummy :)
  • Fearless Tape Strips (available in our new combo pack!)
  • This FREE printable! Click the photo below to download this FREE printable PDF.

So cute and such an easy way to spread some teacher love! How do you show your kids teachers you appreciate them? Help a momma out and comment below.