Back to School Hacks: The Perfect Collar


We’re through the first week of school here. Have your kids started or are you still in your last few summer days? Either way, we’ve got more hacks to keep your school year running smoothly. If you didn’t see our hack for keeping rolled up sleeves in place, make sure you check it out on our blog. Today we’re talking about collars.


It’s amazing how much of a difference a well placed collar can make. Collars like to twist or curl, making outfits look much less put together. But with just a couple pieces of Fearless Tape, your kids collars will stay in place all day. This is especially handy for picture day. When your kids go to school looking perfect and then hit recess and their entire look seems to fall apart. While that makes for memorable photos, we’re in the business of making photos your kids will love now. The best part about this hack is that it takes basically no time so you can get it done even if you’re running out of the door.


First, place a piece of Fearless Tape on the bottom of the collar, near the point.


Peel off the liner.


Then stick the collar in place.


Is that collar perfection or what?!


No matter what happens throughout the day, your kids can know their outfit will stay in place. And let’s be real, it’s much more comfortable for us momma bears to see our kits looking put together. So maybe it’s all for the momma… but we promise it’s worth the tiny ounce of effort. Check out all of our back to school looks this week on our Instagram.