Back to School Clothing Hacks for Kids: Rolled Sleeves


It’s that time of year! The little ones are back in school. How did summer pass so quickly? Maybe you’re a mom that was SO ready for your kids to go back to school. Maybe you’re a mom that cried as the school bus drove away or you watched your kids walk into the school while you took millions of pictures to look at while they’re gone all day. Maybe you’re a mix of both. No matter what type of mom you are, how old your kids are, or where they go to school, we all deal with one common back to school item - clothing. Whether or not your kids wear a uniform, they most likely want to look their best when they’re off to see their friends at school. For our kids it’s especially important that they have a little help keeping their outfits in place. We all know they’re not great at staying still. Anything we can do to be sure they don’t have to mess with their clothes throughout the day can help to keep them happy and carefree while at school.


Now that we’re such mature and wise parents (haha!) we know that our outward appearance is definitely not what it’s all about. Hopefully our kids are learning that what they look like is far less important than who they are. However, I think we can all agree that when we feel comfortable and confident in our outfit for the day, it helps with our overall mood. The way we present ourselves to the world is still important for the way we view ourselves and how confidently we walk into a room.


This week we’ll be showing you some clothing hacks that will make the school year easier for both you and your littles. Today we’re looking at rolled up sleeves. If you’ve ever tried to wear your sleeves rolled up you know how annoying it can be when they continue to fall down. Giving your kids this simple tool to keep their rolled sleeves in place can change everything.


First, roll the sleeves to right where you want them to sit.


Pull back the rolled sleeve and place a Fearless Tape dot on the arm of the shirt.


Peel back the liner.


Roll the sleeve back into place.


And voila! You’re done. Here’s to a more comfortable, confident school day.


Isn’t this how all kids should feel on their way to school?!


What are other tools you use to keep your kids feeling comfortable and confident? We’d love to hear! Comment here or head over to our Instagram to let us know!