Add a Faux Collar with Fearless Tape

This hack is such a fun way to bring new life to clothing you already have. You know the excitement you get when you find that perfect clothing item. You’re so excited to wear it and add it to your closet. But after a while, the same piece of clothing that you were once so in love with can seem a little… boring. This is such a fun way to add interest to those items of clothing you’re just not that excited about anymore. It’s also great for those clothing items that you almost love but the neck is a little different than you’d prefer. Adding a faux collar can help to mask a neckline that you’re just not that into. Sometimes all it takes is a small touch to make something much more exciting.

All we did was apply Fearless Tape to the top of a lace collar and attach it at the neckline. And voila, it’s like a new item! We used strips along the length of the collar and then added a dot in the middle to keep the two side together and help the ends stay put.


You can also find full collars as one piece to make it even easier.


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