Fashion Hack: Keep Your Bra Straps In Place


Holiday parties are starting! It’s finally that time when we get to hang out with our awkward relatives, eat yummy food and wear fancy clothes. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your bra straps not staying in place. If you’ve ever been the weird one in the group shot trying to shove your straps up your sleeves, this trick will have you singing praises in no time.

The way you go about it will depend on your outfit, but no matter which method you choose, it’ll be easy and stress free.

If you’re going sleeveless, once you’re wearing your dress or shirt, place a strip or dot of Fearless Fashion Tape on the top of your bra strap. Next, stick the tape to the underside of the strap on your dress or shirt. This will keep your bra strap connected to the strap on your dress or shirt all night, ensuring that your bra straps will not fall down or slip out.

If you’re wearing sleeves, once you’ve put on your bra, place a strip or dot of Fearless Fashion Tape on the underside of your bra strap near the top of your shoulder and stick it in place. This will keep your bra straps up all night with no fear of them slipping down.

There ya have it, it’s that easy! Make sure you’ve got your Fearless Fashion Tape on hand by heading over to Amazon. Then you’re ready to get spiffed up and head out to that party with no fears (except maybe your sweet, but smothering, Aunt Melva).