Maternity Clothing Hacks

 Oh pregnancy… There’s really no way to describe it. It’s exciting and fun and beautiful… sometimes. And then there’s the other times… When it’s sweaty and uncomfortable and you’ve never felt so far from beautiful in your life. But the outcome is so worth it.

        If you’re pregnant in this summer heat... 1) CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited for you! 2) We are so sorry you have to deal with being pregnant in the heat. Hopefully you’ve found some ways to keep cool. But when you have to be dressed and look presentable it can be hard to make sure everything stays where you want it, especially if you’re wearing current styles like off the shoulder tops, rolled hem shorts, and anything with a ‘waist’ (what does waist even mean when you’re pregnant, right?!) belt or ribbon. No matter what you’re wearing or when, Fearless Tape is here to make your everyday wardrobe feel more put together and, most importantly, more comfortable.

        First up, let’s talk shorts. The rolled hem look is actually really nice because you can customize the length so easily. But it gets pretty annoying when it won’t stay rolled and you’re constantly trying to keep your hem in place. Fearless Tape is the perfect solution.


Just before your last roll, use some Fearless Tape to keep things in place.


It’ll keep things in place all day. If you’re wanting to have flexibility with your hemline and not keep them rolled permanently, be sure that you remove the Fearless Tape before you wash them.


Now let’s talk off the shoulder dresses. They’re so cute and are a great way to look very covered up but have a little more ventilation for those hot summer days. We love them for outdoor events, maternity photo shoots, and brunch with friends. Adding a little Fearless tape to keep them in place ensures you’re comfortable no matter what you’re doing. After all, it’s much more fun to wear a cute dress when you don’t have to keep messing with it throughout the day.

Have no fear - it stays in place no matter how much you’re moving your arms around.


Next up, let’s talk waist belts, bands, or ribbons. These are so popular for maternity clothing and have been for a long time. We don’t see these styles going out any time soon. They’re really fun because they make it very obvious that you’re pregnant. But whether the detail is attached or not, it can cause some problems. Ribbons never seem to stay in place, waist belts always have the end sticking out and twist around, and attached bands like to roll up when they’re washed. Fearless Tape fixes all of these issues and keeps everything in place all day.


Simply place it underneath the clothing detail at the waist and it will stay in place all day without worry.

What are your go-to outfits during pregnancy? Share on Instagram and make sure to add #FearlessTape so we can see!

Homecoming Dress Hacks with Fearless Tape

Homecoming Fashion tape 1.jpg

It’s that time of year again. School’s in full swing and with it comes Homecoming. If there’s ever a time when it’s important to feel totally confident in how you look, it’s high school dances. There’s so much pressure in high school, trying to figure out who you are, and fit in just enough while still being yourself. Dances are such a fun time to dress up and have fun with your friends. But they can be a little nerve wracking. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re wearing a pretty dress is that your bra is showing or the details are out of place. Especially if you’re with someone you wish was more than a friend ;). If only we had Fearless Tape in high school, our dances would have been so much easier and more carefree. Luckily, we’re here now and can help this generation look even more flawless than they already do!

We got to follow these cute ladies as they got ready for their dance. Doesn’t this kind of make you wish you could go back in time just for one night? Picking out the dress, getting ready with friends, it’s such a fun time!

Let’s be real, the main reason get ready together with our friends (besides to calm nerves) is because it’s HARD to perfect these looks ourselves. One of the main issues we see with formal dresses is that bras are are simply not made for them. This dress didn’t look like it would have a problem, but her bra was showing in the cutout on the back.

Homecoming Bra Cover 1.jpg

Fearless Tape is the perfect solution.

Homecoming Bra Cover 2.jpg
Homecoming Bra Cover 3.jpg

We added a couple of strips to her bra and stuck the dress in place.

Homecoming Bra Hacks 4.jpg
Homecoming Bra Hack 6.jpg
Homecoming Bra Hacks 5.jpg
Homecoming Bra Hack 7.jpg

Such an easy fix! And SO worth it to have the comfort of knowing your look is put together all night.

homecoming final look 2.jpg
homecoming final look 3.jpg

This next issue is so common with shirts and dresses, but so easy to fix. The band at the waist of this dress was curled. We added a couple strips of Fearless Tape to keep it in place and there were no issues! It looks so much more polished and put together when the band lays nicely at the waist.

This is a perfect example of something that might not seem like a big deal until you get the pictures back. How many times do you get ready for something and notice something that’s a little off but assume it won’t be a big deal… then you get the pictures back. Fearless Tape is perfect for these moments when you want to be sure you’re all set at any moment for a great picture, no adjustment necessary. Holding details in place is the perfect job for dots. Our new Combo Pack has strips and dots in a cute tin that’s easy to take with you on the go for events like this.

And here they are in all their glory! We love how these looks turned out and the girls loved not having to worry about their dresses being on point throughout the night.

Homecoming Fashion tape 1.jpg

Are you sending someone to Homecoming or Prom this year? Make sure they’re set up for success. We’re sure you’ve seen some dance photos no one wants to remember. Don’t let that happen to your girls! Set them up for success with Fearless Tape.

Quick and Easy Pant Hem

Fearless Tape Pant Hem 1.jpg

The rolled hem look is everywhere right now and it’s easy to do, but it’s not so easy to keep in place all day. If it seems like every time you sit down you have to readjust your hem, this hack is for you. Fearless Tape helps you keep that rolled hem looking perfect all day, no matter what you’re doing. All you’ve gotta do is add a strip of Fearless Tape to your hem before the last roll.

Fearlss Tape Pant Hem 2.jpg
Fearlss Tape Pant hem 3.jpg
Fearless Tape Pant Hem 4.jpg

Stick it in place and you’re golden all day. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Fearless Tape Pant Hem 5.jpg

This also works for those times you put on your favorite shoes and realize that your pant hem isn’t falling in just the right place. You know what we mean… those times you put on flats with pants you generally wear high heels with and you can’t even walk. Or those times you put on heels with your favorite jeans and realize that they are just barely too short to look good but rolling them makes it look cute because they’re short on purpose. Just roll your pants underneath and Fearless Tape them in place. No one will have any idea that you didn’t like where your pants hit just moments before.

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Back to School Teacher Gifts (With FREE Printables!)

Teacher Gifts Together.jpg

Pretty sure we can all agree that teaching would take a LOT of energy. Taking care of our own children gets exhausting and we are obsessed with them. Imagine surviving a room full of 30 children five days a week. Plus all of the other requirements, assessments, maintaining the room, dealing with hard children and hard parents, lack of funding, etc. It's a lot. And they do such an amazing job! We are so thankful for the amazing teachers that help our kids out every day. Sometimes it's the small and simple things that can really make a teacher's day. That's why we love these little thank you gifts. They're the perfect way to say thank you, make a teacher smile, and enjoy some time with your little ones.

First up, we obviously have to start with an apple gift, right? This is so cute and (bonus!) practical. This also includes a thank you for your bus driver! Because I think we can all agree it takes a very special heart and a lot of energy to drive a bus full of children to and from school safely every day. Let's hear it for the bus drivers! 

To create these little cuties, you'll need:

Gather the kids around and enjoy some time together. This is an awesome break from the craziness that is school and routine. It's also such a great way to teach our kids to think of others and hep them realize all of the good people around them that are there to help them grow and improve. 

This next one is equally as adorable, of course. You'll need:

For real though, how cute are these? You can do these for teachers at school, church, dance, wherever. There can't be a teacher out there that wouldn't appreciate one of these little guys.

This last one is so adorable. We're pretty excited about it. You should probably have the kids make a couple extra for YOU! You deserve it. And who doesn't need emergency chocolate every once in a while, right?

You'll need:

  • Chocolate - we trust you to be able to find something yummy :)
  • Fearless Tape Strips (available in our new combo pack!)
  • This FREE printable! Click the photo below to download this FREE printable PDF.

So cute and such an easy way to spread some teacher love! How do you show your kids teachers you appreciate them? Help a momma out and comment below.