The Cutest Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up fast and if you’re anything like us, you forgot! As you’re trying to put together last minute costumes for your kids, let us give you some costume inspiration. We’re going to show you our favorite, easy costumes that will have your little monsters ready for trick-or-treating.

Beautiful Butterfly

For our first costume, we’re going to transform your little bug into a beautiful butterfly! You’ll only need a few things for this easy costume.

Gather Up:

  • Two Pieces of Fabric (or Pre-Made Wings)

  • Black Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

  • Black Leggings

  • 2 Black Foam Sheets

  • Black Headband

  • Fearless Tape Strips [link to Fearless Tape Strips]

Have your kiddo put the shirt and leggings on, then apply the Fearless Tape strips to the tee shirt. We like to apply them right where the shoulder blades sit. This makes the wings stick out just enough to make the fabric flutter when their trick-or treating group are running from house to house. Next, cut out swirls for the antennae. Attach these two pieces to the top of the headband using a Fearless strip, and the metamorphosis is complete!

Wild Woodland Nymph

Next up is the most magical (and customizable) creature in the forest! Our Woodland Nymph costume is really great for moms who aren’t the greatest at sewing. This is a completely no-sew ensemble. It’s easy to customize into a forest nymph or a water sprite, depending on what colors you go with. This could also easily be combined with our butterfly costume for a fool-proof fairy costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • Leotard (in whatever color you’d like) 

  • Fabric Scraps (in colors that match the leotard) 

  • Tights

  • Twine

  • Silk Greenery

  • Fearless Tape Combo Pack

Start with your child in the leotard, then begin putting Fearless Dots around their waist (about 1-2 inches apart). Next, attach the fabric scraps by gathering the fabric into an uneven point and stick it to the Fearless Dot. Repeat this step until all of the dots are covered and the skirt is full. Next, wrap the twine like a belt over the tops of the fabric. Weave the greenery through their hair and your magical creature is ready to prance and dance all Halloween night!

Tailor Pre-Made Costumes

This is the easiest option from this post because it’s more of a hack than creating a full costume. All you’ll need is a pre-made costume and Fearless Dots. Use the dots to help tailor costumes to your kiddos.

We used a ninja costume and made the mask that came with it a custom fit! When we first opened the costume, the mouth cover didn’t line up quite right and ended up looking like a medical mask! We just applied a dot of Fearless and stuck the mask in place where it was supposed to meet the hood. It made a perfect fix and the costume looked so much better!

We hope these costumes and hacks were helpful.

Don’t forget to wait for the Great Pumpkin and have a fun and scary Halloween!