@MadamAndrews Secret To Zero Wardrobe Malfunctions

Karlee Andrews (@madamandrews) has done it again! She first tried Fearless Tape almost a year ago (which you can read about here) and has discovered that it’s her “Secret to Zero Wardrobe Malfunctions”. Read her full second blog post for Fearless Tape below and see more of Karlee on her site!

My Secret To Zero Wardrobe Malfunctions

Have you ever purchased the most perfect top (or dress), you love it so much you can hardly even stand it, but then you never end up wearing it because the dang thing doesn’t stay put? That has happened to me several times and it’s legit the most annoying thing ever. So if this happens to you too, I have the answer to your problems– Fearless Tape. It’s fashion tape that will hold your clothes into place without leaving any sticky residue. Hallelujah! Am I right? 


This multicolor stripe dress is the perfect example of why this tape is so amazing! The top portion of the dress has two panels in a sense. They don’t really connect… There’s no button and no snap of any kind. Eeeeek. I would not be able to wear this dress without Fearless Tape because hellooo I don’t want the ladies flapping about in the wind! Seriously though, if I even think about moving, the top of this dress flies open. Hard pass. I like to avoid wardrobe malfunctions! When I wear this dress all I have to do is stick one piece of Fearless Tape on each side of the neckline & voila! Miracles do happen 😉

Also hiii are you a bride or a bridesmaid? YOU NEED THIS. It’s the perfect quick fix so that nobody is showing anything that they don’t want to be on your special day if you know what I mean? I often use it for photoshoots & I’ve also seen people use it for baby bows if your little nugget’s head is too small for your fab bows. Genius! 

Anyway, it’s good stuff to have around! Use code MADAMANDREWS for 20% off of your purchase! You can snag your Fearless Tape (aka the best fashion tape) HERE.

Until next time ladies–

Thank you to Fearless Tape for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

@BlueCollarPrep Tries Dapper Dots

Eric Wertz (@bluecollarprep) tries our Dapper Dots for the first time! He explains that as an influencer, these dots are a great tool to have on hand, because you never know when a good photo-opportunity will present itself. In fact, he now keeps a container in his glove compartment at all times - just in case!

Read his full blog post below and visit his website!


Being a lifestyle blogger, I’m always trying to stay on my A game. Whether I’m out trying to shoot for the blog, taking wifey out for a drink, or just running around with the family I always want my look to be photoshoot ready! 🙂 So, I’m always down to try new products that are going to help the outfit details stand out, or not stand out and help me when I’m on the fly.

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to find out about Dapper DotsDapper Dots are a small double-sided tape in the shape of a small circle about the size of a dime, that come perfectly packaged in a small easy open & shut tin. These dots are strong enough for just about everything clothing related. Lose a button? Neck tie keep flopping around? Collar keep popping’ up? And the most hated of them all…have a floppy belt? No problem…Dapper Dots got you! All you have to do is grab one of the sheets from the pocket-sized tin, peel off one of the dots, remove the easy-to-remove backing and press the two pieces of clothing together and you are good to go!

When wifey and I went out shooting I ended up using Dapper Dots on my watch strap to keep it from sticking out. I can’t stand it when watch straps (just like belts) don’t stay tight to each other. I also used it to help show off a little chest and my new tattoo while trying to get the perfect collar crease to the top of my shirt. In the day of Instagram, these are perfect for guys and gals like me that are trying to get the perfect shot, with all the perfect details, when out and about. I can think of multiple occasions where I had to shoot a product that needed a little finessing before being shot, so my wife had to unfortunately photoshop out the safety pins and clips we had to use. How did I not know about these?! Seriously perfect for my lifestyle!

I can already think of more instances I’ll be needing my Dapper Dots for…like when I wear baseball caps that have that extra strap hanging in the back of the hat! These dots are made to just peel right off but strong enough to stay on all day. They won’t ruin your clothes like a safety pin either, and the fact that they’re clear makes them perfectly hidden! They’ve officially found a home in my glove box and have become part of my everyday shooting.

Use my code BLUECOLLARPREP to get 20% OFF your Dapper Dots order! They also make double-sided tape strips and a combo pack. Check them out so you can perfect all those outfit details!

Thank you Eric (@BlueCollarPrep), for trying Dapper Dots!

Be sure to check out his Instagram and Blog.