Fearless Tape Envelopes Treat Themselves to a Makeover

New Fearless Tape Envelopes: Cue the Gushing

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New season, new look!

And we LOVE the fresh spring in the step of our Fearless Tape envelopes. Basically, like any exciting makeover, it’s all we want to talk about. Anyway, why should flowers and trees get all the attention?

Rave time: the new design serves the tape right, we figure. It’s the same great tape, your go-to support, helping you keep it all together all the time. And look at that pose. That striking, confident, I-got-this pose.

She’s wearing what she wants exactly how she wants. She’s wearing Fearless.

Of course, though, we’re biased. What do you think of our new Fearless Tape envelopes? Do they exude the way you feel when you wear Fearless?


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As always, if you have any questions, please reach out info@fearlesstape.com